A good dip the Golling waterfall

The Golling Waterfall inspires photographers and cold water fans

Where else than in the Gollinger district Torren he should be, the Gollinger waterfall. Does that mean coming from the Romanesque Torren as much as roaring torrent. And roar, the Gollinger waterfall does that too. Over two gradients and an impressive 80 meters in altitude.

Golling is located about 25km south of the Mozart city of Salzburg, not far from the Tauernautobahn A-10 at the foot of the Tennengebirge, which is crossed here by two motorway tunnels. The settlement was originally founded by the Slavs, to which today still refers from the Slovenian Golica (grassy hill) place name. Water shapes the landscape In addition to the defiant Golling Castle, where cultural events take place again and again, the town on the Salzach River is especially known for its scenic sights: in history, because of its strategic access to “Innergebirg”, there is a hotly contested Pass Lueg. The Salzach spectacularly made its way through the mountains and created the imposing “Salzach stoves”. These can not only be walked on a climbing system, but also be flown through with a flying fox. Those who want to take it a bit calmer, the idyllic Bluntautal with its spectacular waters and swimming areas recommended. Not far from here and thus easily combinable with a visit to the Bluntautals, is the popular destination Gollinger waterfall.

The Golling Waterfall got merits and health benefits

Especially in midsummer, the waterfall, hidden in a grove, invites you to a refreshing dip in its lower trough. Is it allowed ? Counter question is it forbidden? It is not explicit and, as is so often the case here, who goes into the water with a little circumspection – probably will not have any problems. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far and I know that from some of my colleagues who are always bathing there. As far as the water temperature is concerned, it is officially called four degrees year-round, as the waterfall is very close to the source. After subjectively feeling a higher water temperature during a first dip, I measured with a digital thermometer and read a result of 6.2 degrees in midsummer. It has been proven that staying at waterfalls is a great way for allergy sufferers and asthmatics to alleviate their symptoms. In the puffing but you can also without these drawbacks when you make your way from the lower waterfall up to the source. The ascent to the origin of the Schwarzbach is indeed well developed by a climbing system and bridges, but is quite steep and therefore not suitable for handicapped visitors or those with a stroller. The journey to the Gollinger waterfall: Follow the Highway A1o, exit Golling, in front of the station over the railway gates, follow the signs “waterfall” and park at the signposted car park. Before or after the visit to the waterfall, a hike to the nearby Bluntau-Valley is recommended. To do so at the ” Torrenerhof Inn” , follow the meadow path to the Bachteikapelle, on this left along the forest path to “Göllhof Inn” and continue to the wild-dipping spots oft the river Torren and the Blunt Lakes (prohibit bathing in the lakes). Depending on how far you reach the Bluntau Valley you should plan for approx. 2 hours on the way back to the waterfall.

Opening hours of the cash register at the waterfall:

May 1st to October 31st Open daily from 9:00 to 17:00 (July and August until 6 pm)

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