A freshwater pearl – the Tauernkarsee


The Tauernkarsee is not only a mountain-, but also a forest lake

If you have passed the bridge on the northern ramp of the Tauernpass, coming from Radstadt, the imposing Grachtenfall, you will see about 200m later on the left side a small Parkplatz.Am best the car here and follow the signposting Tauernkaralm and Tauernkarsee. Now on an approximately five-kilometer-long, well-developed forest road past the Meierlalm, gain altitude until the forested mountain kettle of the Tauernkar is reached. If you did not know it better, you could imagine – somewhere in Alska or Canada – whether the spreading panorama here.

Obertauern-fine for skiing and swimming the mountain lakes

Here – because of the altitude – the ski season is quite long, the season to the mountain lake swim accordingly short. Nevertheless, the well-known ski resort offers some very beautiful mountain lakes, which can be perfectly combined with alpine hikes. Due to its relatively easy accessibility and the nearby farmed alpine pastures, the Tauernkarsee is a popular destination. If you are looking for loneliness, you should dive here or early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Then the photo light is the most beautiful.

Nice fresh-the Tauernkarsee

The crystal-clear lake is a very good fishing water, in which many brook and rainbow trout and sea-salt are frolicking. That’s why fly fishermen come here again and again. Therefore, please take care and finger tip to avoid any conflicts of interest and friction. Because actually the lake should be big enough that fly-fisher as well as wild swimmer can pursue their passion undisturbed here. For the latter, really long swimming distances will not be so prevalent anyway because of the mostly quite fresh water temperatures.

In addition to the fish population already mentioned, a look into the underwater world reveals fallen tree giants as bizarre sculptures that sometimes reach almost to the water’s edge. Here it means keeping your eyes open so as not to swim into a tangle of often quite pointed branches. After the activities and the stay at the lake, there is a stop at the nearby Tauernkaralm. This romantic hut, which has been preserved in its original state, is farmed from the beginning of June to the end of September. In addition to the typical livestock facilities, it also has a petting zoo and a children’s playground. All in all, the Tauernkarsee is definitely worth a trip. Especially when the larches are reflected in the fall. As already mentioned, the area around Obertauern is not only a classy destination for skiers and ski tourers, but also for alpine-swimming you will find plenty of interesting mountain lakes. But that’s another story again …

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