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Wildswimming at the Nadiza.

If the turquoise-blue Soca is too fresh and the Kozjak waterfall is too extreme for you, then you might find your wild-swimming luck at the Slovenian Nadiza.

Nadiza, the little sister of the Soca

If you drive from Kobarid in the direction of Italy, you soon come to the Nadiza. As the bathing areas in the lower reaches are still quite shallow, it is recommended to drive at least to Podbela, where there is a first swimming area with parking (from June 15th to August 31st), a picnic area and a small kiosk. This bathing area is ideal for families with smaller children due to its shallow shore.

A beautiful Wildswimming-Spot - the Napoleonbridge on the Nadiza.

Wildswimming highlight Napoleon Bridge

However, if you drive further upriver, you will reach the Napoleonic Bridge on the right hand side, southwest of the village of Podbela, before a steep incline. Under this bridge is a beautiful natural pool. There are also beautiful rocks for cliff jumping. However, for the jump from the bridge, the depth of the water may not be enough. When I was there at the beginning of June for my photographs on my book “Wildswimming in the Alps”, I had the spot for myself. In the main season, however, that should be different.

Wild dipping in the upper reaches of Nadiza

If you want to populate it here, you can go further – up the river – and try your luck at the bridge southwest of the village of Logje. Although this bathing area is interesting from the rock formation, it is by far not as attractive as the one at the Napoleon Bridge.

There are other wildswimming spots on the Nadiza too - but this one at the Napoleonbridge is the most idyllic.

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