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Wildswimming the Kozjak waterfall

Wildswimming im spektakulären Kozjak Wasserfall in Kobarid

The Kozjak waterfall – beautiful, loud, challenging

The Soca Valley is not only an El Dorado for kayakers and rafting fans, but also for those who have dedicated themselves to wild swimming. In addition to the eternally seductive Soca itself, there are countless beautiful bathing areas along tributaries, waterfall pots and mountain lakes. One of the most beautiful and spectacular spots is certainly the easily accessible Kozjak waterfall, which is located near Kobarid. 

The trip starts at the Napoleon brideg on the beautiful Soca in Kobarid

Nice is already the hike to the Kozjak waterfall

Starting point of the hike is the Napoleon Bridge at the turquoise Soca in Kobarid. There is a parking fee  in July and August and the waterfall is quite busy during this time. So if you prefer undisturbed enjoyment of nature or wildswimming experiences, you should choose the daytime blinds in midsummer. June is recommended for anyone who can arrange this. There are two paths to the Kozjak waterfall itself. One leads directly and flatter from the Socavalley to the waterfall. The other meanders through interesting bunkers and fortifications from the First World War over a ridge to the waterfall. It is best to choose this for the ascent and the flatter path, which leads along the Soca for the way back.

Its a nice path to the Kozjak Waterfall

First there is a chuckle, then there is a roar – at the Kozjak waterfall

As soon as the two paths meet, the mainpath always follows the stream. The closer you get to the waterfall, the louder it gets. When you have finally overcome the last small gorge on the beautifully laid trail, you suddenly stand in a dark cut in the rock in which only light and water flows from above. The latter does not only generate a lot of noise but also a shower of water droplets and spray.

It´s getting loud at the Kozjak waterfall near Kobarid in Slovenia

The swimming is challenging, the approach too 

If you really want to swim in the water of the waterfall, you should approach it with some care. For one, the approach to the pool over the wet and smooth rocks is very slippery. In Tosbecken itself you should look at the edge of difficult to remove sharp boulders and towards the center on turbulences and currents. It goes without saying that this description does not constitute an invitation or solicitation, and everyone must agree with himself whether he believes it to be. The water itself is not too cold, but the noise even under water considerably. Here everyone is swimming at their own risk and of course I can not assume any liability whatsoever.

A challenging swim in the Kozjak waterfall in Slovenia

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