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Wildswimming the Filbingsee

The Filbingsee lies in a small cirque over the Fuschlsee near Salzburg. It is accessible via a steep climb through the mountain forest in about an hour and offers a fantastic wildswimming experience. So one is worthily rewarded for the sweaty rise. That’s the way it should be with alpineswimming.

On the way to Wildswimming at Filbingsee the Fuschlsee shimmers azure blue through the forest.

Wildswimming and Forestbathing combined 

Shinrin Yoku comes from the Japanese and literally means “forest bathing”. Originally you do not need water but only the forest and its health-promoting healing powers. On Filbingsee but you can have both: “forest bathing squared”, so to speak. The path is quite challenging when you start at the joinery Wörndl to rise. In steep bends, it leads  through the mountain forest, with occasional views to the azure Lake Fuschl. Depending on your ambition and shape you´ll  reach the emerald green shimmering Filbingsee after about plus / minus 45 minutes.

The Filbingsee is an idyllic little mountain lake above the Fuschlsee and offers wonderful wild-swimming pleasure

Here is the Filbingsee – the effort was worth it

The path only gets flat just before you see the mountain lake shimmering through the forest. Then it’s still a few meters downhill. On the shores of the Filbingsees you are then mostly breathless and speechless. A lake can not offer much more idyll. All around green wet meadows and forests, the water lilies are blooming in the water and the only thing you can hear is bee humming and singing birds. At the first suitable bathing place, there is even a table complete with benches for storing the sweaty hiking clothes – and then nothing but inviting water…

The water of Filbingsees is wonderfully soft. The water temperature - apart from some cold spots - quite suitable for longer wild swimming.

The water of the Filbingsee is wonderfully soft and suitable for longer wild swimming

The fact that the Filbingsee is not too deep, he also has a pleasant bath temperature. Only in some places cold springs bring some cooling to the wet pleasure. In the shallow bank area many tadpoles cavort and clearly one should avoid the reed belt and the area of ​​the water lilies. However, careful use of natural resources is hopefully a matter of course for mature wild swimmers anyway.

Every Wildswimming comes to an end - even on the beautiful Filbingsee.

It was very nice, we were very happy …

… but soon it’s time to say goodbye to the enchanting Filbingsee. Still completely lost in thought, we stumble downhill, towards the Fuschlsee and new wild. and alpine swimming -adventures . So stay tuned and subscribe – there is still so much to discover!

Adios Filbingsee - on to new Wildswimming adventures!

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