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Epic Swim-Hike holidays in Ausseerland

The region around the “Styrian Sea”, the Grundlsee, is ideal for unforgettable swimming holidays with alpine touch. Not only is there hardly a healthier “alpine combination” than walking and swimming, there is also hardly one that fits better in this area and brings more fulfillment. Crystal clear water in drinking water quality, mysterious lakes, and streams, lush forests, relaxed hikes in a fantastic mountain panorama, make the heart of every nature friend beat faster. Small groups, competent guiding and a well-located and managed accommodation are the guarantee for enjoyable experiences in a class of its own.

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The Grundlsee on the doorstep – the mountains within reach

Our base camp, the popular Gasthof Hofmann in Gössl am Grundlsee, could not be more favorable for our projects: right on the Grundlsee, with other legendary lakes, lake walks and torrents in the immediate vicinity. This location, our excellent local knowledge and the expertise of certified mountain guides, experienced open water swimmers and active water rescuers give you the confidence to experience a short break as it can not be more varied: in a fascinating game of contrasts, challenge with relaxation, longer swim with shorter dips, mysterious lakes with breathtaking torrents, simple walks with alpine hikes, rustic mountain pastures with delicious fish meals. Very cool: cold water swimming at the Ranftlmühle.


Granted, a bit fresh, he is already the Stimitzbach, who drives the named after a Viennese landscape painter Ranftl mill. Yes, depending on the water level, it also offers a wonderful swimming spot with a natural countercurrent system. Perfect to be awake after arrival, to test its resistance to cold and to swim in something. Another advantage of this approach is still – if we immediately afterward swim in the nearby Grundlsee, this will feel all the warmer …

Cross, cross-double, longitudinal or splits? Grundlsee-Crossing of your choice!

After a corresponding swim, a safety briefing, grouping and the completion of the swimming buoys we will swim together the Grundlsee. Experienced guides, the swimming buoy and a boat escort ensure that this can be done safely and enjoyably for everyone. Together we will decide whether we want to tackle a wide (900m) crossing, a double wide (1800m or less) or even a long (5500m) long crossing.

Water hiking with a difference: mountain lake swimming in the Lahngangsee

We start directly from Gasthof Hofmann in Gössl and reach the idyllic front Lahngangsee approx. Two hours later and 800m higher. Depending on the weather conditions, water temperature, desire and mood, we will traverse this lake.

Why you should definitely treat yourself to this hiking-swimming getaway: because the Grossarl Valley, as a valley of pastures, offers an excellent backdrop for alpine hiking and swimming vacations because the fascinating combination of hiking and alpine swimming is not offered anywhere else because you are looked after here by mountain guides, waterers and experienced open water swimmers because the SWACKS is a unique and innovative combination of hiking backpack for comfort because you will take home unforgettable memories from these days!

Small groups, limited availability. Therefore: book now!
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Contact for further information: Hansjörg Ransmayr, mobile: +436643943691