The guide for Wildswimming in the Alps

Alpine Swimming is the upper-class of wildswimming

I am pleased that you have found the-hopefully not too stony-way to my alpine-swimming-blog. But what has one to imagine now exactly under the concept of Alpine-swimming that I have coined? Alpine Swimming is for me everything you need to know about wildswimming in the Alps, i.e. the wild Alpine swimming. Depending on the location, this also includes a more or less distinct swim-hiking component. Wild dipping, on the other hand, refers to activities that are more about wild bathing than swimming-this will also have its place here.

Alpine Swimming means Hiking and Swimming to and in alpine mountain pools, torrents, waterfalls.

Wildswimming in the alps becomes popular

More and more contemporaries are tired of moving from a narrow open-plan office to a noisy swimming pool. In their valuable leisure time, many seek compensation in nature and in waters that do not stink from a distance to chlorine and urine. The Eastern Alps with its many, mostly quite clean lakes, mountain lakes, torrents and waterfall pools offer the best preconditions for swimming or swimming in the wild-i.e. without payment, supervision, safety precautions.

Wildswimming and the climate change 

Just a few years ago, the swimming of Alpine mountain lakes and torrents was only for the real “hard boiled”. In addition to the glacial melt, the progression of climate change has also caused a rise in water temperatures in the Alps. In this way, many Alpine waters will not only become interesting but “swimable”  hiking destinations. All those who still enjoy extreme and extreme cold will find these matters in the Alpine-swimming-blog too. For those I will present here again and again adventurous spots like lakes, caves, quarries and mines.

Keep cool and your eyes up ! Disclaimer and personal responsibility

Especially in the mountains and on the water there is a reasonable degree of common sense and personal responsibility. This is all the more so when children are in the game. Anyone should be aware that extreme exposure, altitude or water temperatures are pushing the risk once more. Also that with alcohol and group pressure (courage!) in this context should be handled very cautiously.

Although all community members and myself try to do all the information, advice and tips to the best of their knowledge and belief, this is not a guarantee of absolute accuracy. Since from today on morning conditions and responsibilities can change on and around the described wild bathing and swimming spots, I can assume no liability for any inconvenience or even accidents!

alpine-swimming is the blog for wildswimming and wild-dipping in the alps - here you will find everything you need to swim-hike to mountain lakes, wild pools and waterfalls

Improve Alpine safety – help!

In order to always be at the best information level, the interaction and feedback of the wild swimming community is very important to me. Therefore I ask you to inform me immediately of your observations and corrections to blog posts. You make this beautiful pastime more beautiful and safer for all of us.

Alpine safety is a big concern to the Alpine-swimming-blog so that we can find our mountains as safe as the chamois in Pitztal

Please also “feed” the Alpine-swimming-Blog with contributions!

You are also cordially invited to put yourself not only in the “service of security” but also in the “attractiveness”. I would also like to publish your photos, videos and blog posts. In the Alpine-swimming-Blog will also invite very specific guest authors to comment on special topics.

The Alpine-Swimming-Blog makes not only gusto, but also smart

In the popular TV show “9 Places-9 Treasures”, Mountain lakes and waterfalls occupy the front seats. Because they are not only places of great beauty, but also in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, in this blog the places are not only described as best possible, but also attractively “illustrated”. Both with photos and with videos. This is a big concern not only for me, but also for many in the blog. That’s why there will always be tips & tests on the subject of photography and video. Other topics in the guide will be: the right behaviour in the mountains, in and around the water, safety and training advice, equipment tests, book reviews and much more.

The gentle art of wildswimming ; mountain lakes, river bathing places, waterfall-pools,service

Everything is to be represented here, from fast, evening, close-up trips to the water, up to high alpine destinations, which only open up to the condition-strong hiker. In short, everything that makes fun and wet in the Alpine area. The most beautiful destinations for the wild swimming and as well as valuable tips on safety, training, equipment etc. Let the blog “Alpine Swimming” convey to you.

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