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Wildswimming the Filbingsee

The Filbingsee lies in a small cirque over the Fuschlsee near Salzburg. It is accessible via a steep climb through the mountain forest in about an hour and offers a fantastic wildswimming experience. So one is worthily rewarded for the sweaty rise. That’s the way it should be with alpineswimming. Continue Reading…

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A Wildswimming Quickie in the Wiestal

Perfect for a Wildswimming Quickie - Swimspot in the lower Wiestal

This spot near the Celtic city Hallein is not suitable for contemplative bathing pleasure. It is too close – though well hidden – to the busy Wiestal-mainroad. However, this location has advantages if you want to pursue a few “lengths” of its wild-swimming pleasure quickly and easily. Because the spot on the weir at the Hammerwirt is easily accessible, has a nice length and is usable regardless of the water level.

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The guide for Wildswimming in the Alps

Alpine Swimming is the upper-class of wildswimming

I am pleased that you have found the-hopefully not too stony-way to my alpine-swimming-blog. But what has one to imagine now exactly under the concept of Alpine-swimming that I have coined? Alpine Swimming is for me everything you need to know about wildswimming in the Alps, i.e. the wild Alpine swimming. Depending on the location, this also includes a more or less distinct swim-hiking component. Wild dipping, on the other hand, refers to activities that are more about wild bathing than swimming-this will also have its place here.

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Oh buoy-never without my floating buoy?!

The buoy makes the open water swimmer well visible without obstructing him

The helmet for cycling-the floating buoy for wild swimming?!

It is already obligatory for many outdoor swimming events and is recommended to any responsible Openwater swimmer: the floating buoy. Baywatch fans know floating buoys still from the TV. The buxom Pamela Anderson and the sometimes also privately “moist-cheerful” David-Hasslehoff plunged daring into the floods. Today’s specimens – floating buoys mind you – have learned to do so. Continue Reading…

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Lake Schoeder (Schödersee) a periodic mountain lake

The Schödersee is a periodic lake in the Grossar Valley

In the spring the Grossarl valley shows a particularly beautiful side. In the valley floor it is already green, the summits still carry white and everywhere on the mountain flanks shoot mighty waterfalls downwards.. Those who are searching for Schödersee (Lake Schoeder) at this time of year have a good chance to find this capricious mountain lake. Because the Schödersee  is a so called periodic lake. Only at the time of snow melting and after longer rains he floods the meadows. But then he offers an impressive natural spectacle.

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Ice swimming extreme in the Glacier Ice Palace

What makes this ice swimming extreme?

It is not so much the water temperature just above the freezing point, nor the air temperature, which is also at about 0 degrees. Rather, it is primarily the sea level that makes the ice swimming extreme here. Because the ice lake lies in the belly of the Tux Glacier at about 3200 m. This fact in combination with the other conditions is a real challenge even for smart swimmers. One in which a camera team from Servus-TV was involved in creating a report for the primetime series “Heimatleuchten”.

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Urban Wilddiping in the Glasenbach Gorge

For the Wilddip Ping, the pools of the Glasenbachklamm always suffice with half good water guidance. The Glasenbachklamm (Gorge of the Glasenbach)…

… is located on the municipal border of the Mozart city of Salzburg. This natural monument, which is also geologically interesting, is easy to walk or bike from Elsbethen-Glasenbach, even for families. Sufficient water level provided it offers some beautiful pools for Wilddipping in the Glasenbach.

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A freshwater pearl – the Tauernkarsee


The Tauernkarsee is not only a mountain-, but also a forest lake

If you have passed the bridge on the northern ramp of the Tauernpass, coming from Radstadt, the imposing Grachtenfall, you will see about 200m later on the left side a small Parkplatz.Am best the car here and follow the signposting Tauernkaralm and Tauernkarsee. Now on an approximately five-kilometer-long, well-developed forest road past the Meierlalm, gain altitude until the forested mountain kettle of the Tauernkar is reached. If you did not know it better, you could imagine – somewhere in Alska or Canada – whether the spreading panorama here.

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Wilddipping at the Grossarl Torrent

The Salzburger Grossarl Valley is widely known as the mountain pastures. At the Hüttschlager Valleys-End not far from the Inn  “Talwirt” there are some beautiful places at the “Grossarler Ache” for the Wilddipping, i.e. wild torrent bathing. Continue Reading…


Holds the Dachstein Mirror: Mirror Lake

Im Spiegelsee auf der Reiteralm. spiegelt sich der Dachstein. Der mittlere Gasslsee gilt als einer der schönsten Bergseen in den Schladminger Tauern.

The legendary Mirror Lake in the Schladminger Tauern

Officially it is called Medium Gasslsee, but more popular is this gem in the Schladminger Tauern under the name Mirror Lake. Because in clear view and little wind the legendary South walls of the roof Dachstein reflected in it. Particularly appealing, because of blooming alpine roses framed, this spectacle shows up from mid-June. On 1. Sunday in July the traditional feast for Almrausch Bloom takes place on the Reiteralm. Continue Reading…


A good dip the Golling waterfall

The Golling Waterfall inspires photographers and cold water fans

Where else than in the Gollinger district Torren he should be, the Gollinger waterfall. Does that mean coming from the Romanesque Torren as much as roaring torrent. And roar, the Gollinger waterfall does that too. Over two gradients and an impressive 80 meters in altitude.

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