About me

Der Mann, der in Postkarten schwimmen kann.Hier in einem der schönsten Bergseen der Alpen: Spiegelsee samt Dachstein

“The man who can swim in postcards”

The above quote is from a poetic friend from my Facebook group “BERGSEEN SCHWIMMEN (Mountain lakes swimming). In my young, wild years I – Hansjörg Ransmayr – indulged in alpine kayaking. Already during this time, I have sometimes blessed cold alpine waters freely, but often also without precaution. From there it was only a small step to the openwater – so open water swimming.

For Hansjörg Ransmayr water is a familiar ground 

In open water swimming, I earned my first spurs in saltwater. I was the first Austrian to swim through the Strait of Gibraltar. I swam from from Alcatraz to San Francisco. As the first and only Austrian I participated in 2010 in the icy waters of Lake Bled at the local Winter Swimming World Championships in Bled.

I love the mountains

As a child of the mountains and enthusiastic mountain hiker, it was only logical that I soon discovered my love for the local mountain lakes. This quickly led me to found the Facebook group BERGSEEN SCHWIMMEN. Currently I have several TV and book projects on the topic of swimming and swimming.

Hansjörg Ransmayr is also “Swimsalabim”

In addition, I develop tourist swimming projects under “Swimsalabim”. Both for domestic providers, as well as in the incoming sector for international swimming tour operators. Under the motto Swim-Hiking it is my goal to animate guests in the context of accompanied tours to Alpine Wild Swimming. However, with Swimsalabim I am also increasingly active in the swimmer event sector. As an active water rescuer, the topic of safety on and in the water is a special concern for me. This is also one of the reasons why I am deeply involved in the development of innovative products for open water swimming. In addition, I am well anchored in the international and international open water and ice swimming community. In the Brotberuf I am creative director of the Salzburg advertising agency RAMSES and try in my free time to bring my skills and knowledge of writing, filming, photography, swimming and hiking in the best possible way in the blog alpine-swimming.com.