Wilddipping at the Grossarl Torrent

The Salzburger Grossarl Valley is widely known as the mountain pastures. At the Hüttschlager Valleys-End not far from the Inn  “Talwirt” there are some beautiful places at the “Grossarler Ache” for the Wilddipping, i.e. wild torrent bathing.

If you wander from the Hüttschlager Talwirt towards valley, you will find the first bridge over the Grossarl ache this beautiful wild bathing place.The wilddipping area is easily accessible

After you park the car at the “Talwirt”, you hike along a wide gravel road towards Schödertal. After about a quarter of an hour you reach a small wooden bridge over the emerald green shimmering Grossarlache. In the crystal-clear water there are stream and rainbow trout, which is why you can occasionally find fly fishermen. On the river’s right bank there is a shallow and largely dry reclining area. Even a wooden table-bench combination invites you to rest or to picnic. The cooling of the drinks should not be a problem..

Suits Wilddipping and Widswimming needs

Depending on the time of year, the water temperature is refreshing to very refreshing. In May 2018, it was at least 8.5 degrees C. Depending on the water level, the site even goes through as a wild swimming spot. For a similar high water level as in this picture, a natural counter-current system is formed here. If one is cold resistant this allows even longer swims. After all, the picnic also wants to be well deserved…

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