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Hiking and swimming in the Alps – pleasureswimming in Croatia

A few impressions from my recent exploration trip to the south. Starting next year, I will offer guided tours and swim packages under the umbrella brand SWIMSALABIM. At the alpine-swimming tours & holidays the alpine swim-hike component is in the foreground. At pleasure-swimminging tours & holidays, the focus is on enjoyable swimming in particularly beautiful – even maritime – locations within an attractive, authentic culinary / cultural program.

Hiking and swimming in the Alps – Prebersee

The small mountain lake, which lies at an elevation of about 1500 meters above sea level, is world-famous for a “specialty”: the “Prebershooting”. This takes place since 1834 at the end of August. Shooters from all over Europe arrive at the idyllic Moorsee to hit the targets with small-caliber rifles from 120m. The aim is not directly on the discs, but on their reflection in the dark bog water. If the shot succeeds, the projectile hits the target as a ricochet. Even a delegation from Disneyland wanted to track down the phenomenon in order to offer this kind of shooting as an attraction. But until today the Prebersee has kept its secret. Therefore, this type of shooting is so far only possible here in Salzburg and at the neighboring Styrian Schattensee. Both lakes are connected underground and have the same water consistency, in which boggy suspended particles do not let sink the projectiles but bounce it off.

The waters of the lake, which stands under the eponymous mighty “Preber”, are not only a real “boon” for shooters, but also for wildswimming friends.

Alpine-swimming on the southern edge of the Tauern – Malta-Valley

If you have left the Radstadt Tauern on your way south, you soon pass the Carinthian town of Gmünd. Here you will find the interesting Porsche Museum and the junction of the toll road into the Maltatal. Following the signs of the “Maltatal-Hochalmstraße”, which leads over 14 kilometers up to the Kölbreinspeichersee, one soon sees a series of spectacular waterfalls.

For wildswimming fans, the Maltatal should have plenty of spots to offer. On my exploration tour, I especially liked the “blauer Tumpf”and…

…and a particularly beautiful natural pool under the “Hohe Brücke” (high bridge).

Wildswimming in Carinthia – Egelsee

This jewel in Carinthia – blessed with lakes – lies to the south of the big brother Millstättersee near Spittal an der Drau. The bog lake can be reached after a 15-minute ascent from the inn “Lug ins Land”. The climb is sweetened by a beautiful Kneipp walk.

The Egelsee is surrounded by “swinging lawns”, unique mosses and lichens, as well as a dense mixed forest. Overall, a real wild-swimming pearl that should be used responsibly and considerately.

Pleasure-swimming in Croatia – inland

If you think of Croatia and Wildswimming only on its wonderful islands and beaches, which escapes a lot. Because “Hrvatska” lures in the interior with impressive Wildswimming locations on streams and waterfalls.

Here are just two examples.

The first one is located near Tounj …

…the second in the Velebit mountain range near Zadar.

Pleasure-swimming in Croatia – Coast/Privlaka

In search of a suitable “Pleasure-Swimming” – Location I landed in Privlaka. The apartment house of the Mustac family together with the committed hosts is the ideal base camp for “Pleasure Swimming Holidays”.

Around Privlaka there are excellent opportunities for swimmery island hopping, swimming with dolphins, bridge-to-bridge swimming or urban swimming in Zadar as part of a spectacular sundowner tour.Pleasure or pleasure swimming should not be a “blood-sweat-and-tears” challenge. Therefore, the swim routes are selected to be scalable and, secondly, manageable by every woman and every man.

.Pleasure-swimming should not be a “blood-sweat-and-tear” challenge. Therefore, the swim routes are selected to be scalable and, secondly, manageable by every woman and every man.

The combination of supervised swimmish experiences with culinary and cultural attractions opens up completely new worlds of enjoyment

Island picnics, fish grill, Croatian specialty evening, wine tasting, after-swimming and sundowner party ensure that the “flow state” continues even after leaving the water.

Inform & register!

More information can be found on my SWIMSALABIM stand at the Photo + Adventure (24.25 November in Vienna) and soon in the blog. Therefore: register immediately and stay tuned! You will love it.

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