Wildswimming in the Almbach Gorge

The Almbachklamm at Marktschellenberg - a beautiful canyon hike to inviting Wildswimming spots.

The Almbachklamm (Almbach Gorge) is located about 10 km west of the city of Salzburg in the municipality of the Bavarian Marktschellenberg. It offers a worthwhile ravine hike with a lot of height difference, interesting information boards and Germany’s last ball mill. Depending on the water level, however, it also has several sometimes quite spectacular spots for wild swimming or wild dipping.

The Wildswimming spots of the Almbachklamm you find in the lower course

The Wild Swimming spots of the Almbachklamm are more in the lower reaches.

Immediately after the ticket booth, where a quite high entrance fee of 6€ will be accepted, the Almbachklamm shows its wildest side. Due to the elaborate climbing systems with 320 steps, 28 bridges and a tunnel, the entrance fee quickly relativises and one is reconciled with a few beautiful waterfalls and breakthroughs. For us Wildswimmer, the “Dipping Points” are not always easy to reach and not quite “legal”. Whereby many climbing tracks and Internet entries point out that the sign “Do not leave the slopes” is more likely to be for liability reasons – nevertheless, it should be noted. If you’re hoping for a swim in the pedestrian tunnel further up, you’ll be disappointed. Which does not mean that the hike to the “Theresienklause” would not be recommended.

Wildswimming or Wilddipping in the Almbachklamm? A borderline case not only geographically ...

A first ray of hope: Wild swimming pool in the Almbachklamm

As already mentioned, suitable wild-dipping or wild-swimming spots are almost only in the first kilometer of the approximately 3 km long hike through the gorge. An exception could possibly form the temples of the Sulzer waterfall. With a total of 114 meters, it is the eleventh highest waterfall in Germany and crashes in five cascades on the left into the Almbach. However, the ascent is almost an alpine undertaking and certainly not completely harmless.

For a few tingly wild-swimming rounds, this natural pool the Almbachklamm is more than good enough.

For sparkling rounds, a few natural pools of the Almbachklamm are always good. At some of these spots you can swim through behind the “waterfall”. If you swim directly under it , you get a few heavy blows on your neck…

If you dive under the falling water, you get a few heavy knocks !

The lowest waterfall of the Almbachklamm – quite high, but not quite deep

Thanks to a steel bridge, you can get to this highest waterfall in the Almbach quite well. From the height of fall and the noise of this case is quite impressive. Unfortunately, the pool of the waterfall was not quite deep in my mood and only limited swimming suitable.Spectacular wild-swimming spot in the Almbachklamm

Nevertheless, the stay behind the torrent of water and the immersion in the fall is something very special …

 The lowest waterfall in the Almbachklamm - who does not want to indulge in his wild-swimming drive here?

At the mouth of the gorge ball mill and tavern are waiting

After wandering through the gorge and if necessary some swimming inlays you can strengthen yourself at the gorge exit in the shady garden with delicious home-made pastries and admire Germany’s last ball mill. In the souvenir shop next door you can also buy the round marble balls polished there. As a reminder of the Almbachklamm – a natural jewel, whose austere charm can be difficult to escape.

Germany's last ball mill is located on the Almbachklamm.

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