Wildswimming in the quarry

Wildswimming in the quarry

For a change this time a trip to “non-alpine waters”. Around the Saxon Bischofswerda you will find abandoned quarries, which are perfect for wild swimming. (Naked) wildswimming has been going on here for decades, even though it is officially forbidden for liability reasons.

These wildswimming spots in the abandonned quarries are hard to find.

These wild-swimming spots are not easy to find

Basalt, granite and diabase were won here in Tagbau. After being abandoned, the quarries filled with groundwater and rainwater and have since served the locals as refreshing wild-swimming pools. Often they are in the middle of the forest and are only accessible through narrow trails. Since the wild bathing and swimming is officially prohibited, there are no signposts or signs.

Wildswimming for Cliffhangers and Cliffdivers

Often the approaches to the steeply sloping pits are not entirely safe. Most accidents happen because of slipping or careless jumping. Because the steep crashes entice many of the spots to cliff jumping, which of course only after careful examination of the underwater is advisable.

Good water quality – difficult entries and exits

In general, the water quality in the larger wild swimming pools is quite good. Because the pits are all created by spikes, it is not easy to find suitable entries or exits. On the one hand, the blocks are quite smooth, but have very sharp breaklines. Especially because of the distinctive geology and the hidden location in the forest, the wild swimming in these former quarries have a special charm.

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