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Lake Schoeder (Schödersee) a periodic mountain lake

The Schödersee is a periodic lake in the Grossar Valley

In the spring the Grossarl valley shows a particularly beautiful side. In the valley floor it is already green, the summits still carry white and everywhere on the mountain flanks shoot mighty waterfalls downwards.. Those who are searching for Schödersee (Lake Schoeder) at this time of year have a good chance to find this capricious mountain lake. Because the Schödersee  is a so called periodic lake. Only at the time of snow melting and after longer rains he floods the meadows. But then he offers an impressive natural spectacle.

Ausgangspunkt der Wanderung zum Schödersee ist der Talwirt im hinteren Teil des GrossarltalsStarting point for the hike to the Schödersee…

… is the parking lot at the Talwirt in the valley of Hüttschlag. First, it is rather comfortable on a wide track to the first bridge over the Grossarl ache. Here is a very popular Bach bathing place, where not only cold-resistant “bathers”, but also nimble brown trout romp around. Bach bathing place on the way to the Schödersee Further on, ´ s goes past the small Ötzlsee and always along the torrent, following the direction Arlscharte/Schödersee, uphill. The ascent to the Schödersee leads always along the rushing torrent.

From the Ötzlsee the way gets a bit steeper

From now on, the path is becoming increasingly moist and demanding. Good, moisture-resistant footwear is absolutely necessary. Snow fields are to be crossed in the spring, some of them are steep and slippery. The trail crosses the also acoustically omnipresent torrent several times and is lined by informative display boards with botanical explanations. After about two hours of ascent, you will be met-hopefully-on the emerald green of the under the Arlscharte lying Schödersee. Thank God-it's there! For the periodic Schödersee, this is not always the case !

Thank God-this time he is there, the Schödersee

Whether one is actually rewarded for the effort of Ascension with the encounter of the idyllic mountain lake, opens up at the Schödersee quite late. It is only when you step out of the larch forest at the last crossroads that this exciting question dissolves with pleasure. At least in May 2018 I had this happiness and that of a window of sunshine too.If he's already there, the Schödersee, then nothing let´s go !

Swimming on alpine pastures

If you are lucky enough to see the Schödersee in all its dazzling splendor so lying there, you can hardly imagine that it will fall completely dry in the summer. From “floating tactical” perspective, there are two approaches. First, the variant “Snow melt”. This has the advantage that with relatively high security it can be assumed that the lake is actually encountered. Flooded Alpine Meadow at the Schödersee However, at this time you cannot expect to swim over blooming alpine pastures.

The Schoedersee: quite fresh during spring

In addition, the water temperature-in my case it was about 6 degrees-was quite refreshing. The other option is to go to the lake in summer after longer rainfall, to hope for flooded and blooming alpine pastures and more pleasant swimming temperatures.

Take it safe-swim with buoy!

In unknown cold waters you should-even if you feel so safe-always swim with the buoy. No one is immune to a sudden spasm, a weakness, shock or unexpected Kolision with an underwater obstacle. The floating buoy then offers the decisive safety plus by its buoyancy.

Like here on the Schoedersee - in the openwater you should swim with your buoy !So honestly: really long at the piece I didn’t swim this time. On the one hand because I had forgotten my ear plugs and was therefore only on the road as a breast swimmer. As a result of the “photo work” I often had to get in and out and I was quite cooled. The Schödersee of its dimensions would have allowed longer swimming routes. But I was certainly not here for the last time and want to offer guided tours here soon. Hopefully he will show me his favor again-the intriguingly moody Schödersee. When I was swimming in the spring of 2018, the Schödersee at Hüttschlag had just 6.5 degrees. As a periodic mountain lake, it is only existent after snow melting and longer rainfall.

Infobox Lake Schoeder :

From the Salzachtal, follow the direction to the “Valley of the Alpine pastures” untill you reach  Grossarl and then continue to the Alpendorf Hüttschlag. From there to the large hiking car park at the Talwirt. The Talwirt attracts not only local delicacies, but also offers original souvenirs and a museum worth seeing. Starting from the Talwirt, ´ s first goes flat to the bridge over the Grossarl ache-beautiful bathing place-then from the Ötzlsee more demanding on the torrent along the direction of Schödersee.


Up to the Ötzlsee you could also go well and legally with the bike. Solid slippery and waterproof footwear for ascent and descent to the Schödersee advisable. After the descent cooling down in the Ötzlsee or at the bathing place in the ache and stop in the Talwirt recommended.


Tourist information Grossarl Valley https://www.grossarltal.info

Talwirt Hüttschlag http://talwirt.com

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