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Wildswimming the Filbingsee

The Filbingsee lies in a small cirque over the Fuschlsee near Salzburg. It is accessible via a steep climb through the mountain forest in about an hour and offers a fantastic wildswimming experience. So one is worthily rewarded for the sweaty rise. That’s the way it should be with alpineswimming. Continue Reading…

easy, Swims

A Wildswimming Quickie in the Wiestal

Perfect for a Wildswimming Quickie - Swimspot in the lower Wiestal

This spot near the Celtic city Hallein is not suitable for contemplative bathing pleasure. It is too close – though well hidden – to the busy Wiestal-mainroad. However, this location has advantages if you want to pursue a few “lengths” of its wild-swimming pleasure quickly and easily. Because the spot on the weir at the Hammerwirt is easily accessible, has a nice length and is usable regardless of the water level.

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